Who We Are

IAG's lead consultants, Mark Feight, Ben Fisher, and Pat Boova, have a combined total of more than 80 years of experience in global agricultural commodity markets and research. Establishing agricultural consulting in the 1980s, the focus has always been to offer heavily invested businesses a level of strategic marketing services beyond the scope of brokerage. In the early 1990s co-founder Feight, along with the late Rob Fisher, created the Agricultural Marketing Group at Salomon Smith Barney to focus exclusively on these consulting services. As this targeted business grew, they formed International Agribusiness Group to expand those services to the entirety of the agricultural industry and related food chain nearly 20 years ago. Ben Fisher came on board in 2003, adding the strong voice of his research analysis to help craft market opinions and long-term strategies. In 2009 they were joined by highly established agricultural futures expert Pat Boova. The core team is supplemented with adjunct partners across the globe.

Although co-founder Rob Fisher passed away in July 2014, IAG continues to define itself by the legacy of his vision of expert, ethical and confidential consulting services.

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