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Coronavirus, Covid-19: From “Going Viral” to Healing

Coronavirus, Covid-19: From “Going Viral” to Healing

May 15, 2020 | |

The speed that the Coronavirus changed our lives is unprecedented. Without making light of a serious disease.  “Going Viral” seems appropriate. This virus went viral! 

Shouldn’t be a surprise, everything moves faster. News moves faster, information (real or fake) is readily available within microseconds, our expected response times are faster, people move faster. The speed makes it all a blur.  (We can speak to how the lock-down has slowed our lives, but that is a subject for social scientists.)

I am not providing an opinion on the response to Covid-19 to date.

The virus is not gone, it still lurks and maybe it returns in slightly different forms. That has not changed. What has changed – especially in the US – is how we respond with a spike in cases. We are better prepared than we were in January and February. There are proven protocols from countries like South Korea and Germany. We will have better data showing the case numbers. We don’t have enough testing yet, but test numbers are increasing. Tracking procedures will improve, albeit still a long way to go. Treatments will improve. We won’t shut down the country if New York or Detroit sees an increase in cases. The response will be surgical, more precise. The ecomomic impact from future responses will be much less severe.

Maybe the main factor keeping us from the same panic response is knowledge. There is much to learn, but we have more knowledge of the virus, and knowledge diffuses fear and panic.  We have also learned about our resilience in a difficult situation.

There is no guarantee of a vaccine, but one is likley. A vaccine will squelch most of the remaining fear.  What happens between now and an effective vaccine will not be as bad as the last four months. Knowledge will lead to better protocols, better preparation, more efficient responses. Knowledge that was built on data. (I have to slip in a plug for data because our business is built on data) 

The worst is over because we will respond more appropriately. The economy has started to heal and it will continue to heal.

We can now work on safely putting the food supply chain back together.

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